Pharmacy and Wellness are important for those “other members of your family” – your pets! Southern Maryland Compounding Center can provide prescription and nonprescription products, including health and nutritional supplements, and medical supplies for your pet. We are not a substitute for your vet…we work with you and your vet to solve animal medication problems.

At SMCC we can customize your pet’s medication according to his or her size and discriminating taste. Whatever your pet medications requirements are, bring it to us.

We can create a medication which contains the most appropriate dosage for a specific animal; pets, exotic zoo animals, or livestock. We make medicine much easier to administer and often more economical. Medication can be made in capsule form, suspensions and solutions, tasty chews or even gel form for topical administration.

Manufacturers will often stop producing medicines and dosage forms which are unprofitable to market due to low demand. However, there is still the occasional need for such products. Perhaps a veterinary formulation is unavailable, and for one reason or another, the human preparation just won’t do. We can obtain the necessary pharmaceutical grade chemicals, and from them compound individualized dosage forms that may even he superior to the discontinued formulation.

Compounding can allow your veterinarian to:

  • Create alternative dosage forms
  • Change dosages & strengths
  • Combine drugs or customize formulation
  • Compound discontinued drugs
  • Add flavors

Create alternative dosage forms


No longer are pet owners and veterinarians limited by what’s commercially available, because our licensed pharmacy staff has the technology and training to create the ideal alternative form of your pet’s prescription medication.   There are several  of making medicine time easier for both you and your pet: Liquids, Chewables, Capsules, Concentrates, Ointments, Gels, Rapid-dissolve tabs. All of your choices help take the stress out of administration of medications and make them more appealing to your pet.


Change dosages & strengths

We will tailor the dosage of your prescription to match your pet’s weight and metabolism. This is ideal if you are currently giving multiple pills to meet your pet’s dosage requirement or if you need smaller dosages for cats or toy breeds. This method of compounding is also useful if your pet is prescribed a medication typically found in only “human” dosage strengths.


Combine drugs or customize formulation


If your pet is taking multiple medications to treat the same condition, consider consolidating multiple prescriptions into one.   Call our pharmacy to discuss your pet’s options for drug combinations.


Compound discontinued drugs

Some drugs are no longer available commercially, but are still the preferred treatments of many veterinarians. One example is DES, a synthetic nonsteroidal estrogen agent primarily prescribed in the treatment of bladder control problems in spayed female dogs. DES is no longer available commercially, but at the request of your veterinarian, our pharmacy can compound DES into several pet-friendly dosage forms, such as a flavored or unflavored capsule, flavored suspension, flavored concentrated oil, or a transdermal gel.


Add flavors

Make almost any orally-administered drug more inviting with great tastes like beef, peanut butter, chicken, tuna, or cheese. Ask about flavoring for your pet’s next prescription.

Examples of custom-made veterinary medications and dosage forms: 


    * Sugar Free Medication for diabetic pets
* Transdermal medicine that can be applied to the ear
* Hard-to-find medicines for urinary incontinence
* Protective medicated coatings for wounds or stitches (coatings which are difficult to lick off)
* Concentrated solutions for birds and reptiles
* Special dosage forms for horses and larger animals
* Good-tasting tuna, liver, marshmallow and many other flavored suspensions
* Custom strength medicines for seizures, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, parasitic infections, appetite stimulation, etc
* Low dose, longer acting insulins
* Inhalation therapy with ultrasonic nebulizers to treat kennel cough for dogs
* Antidotes/treatments for accidental animal poisoning
* Potassium Bromide liquids and capsules
* Transdermal NSAIDS to avoid GI tract irritation
* Anti-fungal inhalation for birds
* Discontinued, combination, custom formulated products
* Transdermal, anti-inflammation gel for torn ligaments
* Injections and liquids for metal toxicities
* Combination or fortified ophthalmic formulas
* “Hairball” remedy for cats
* Custom shampoo to treat “rain-rot,” a fungal infection in horses
* Pulmonary Hypertension in Canines and Foals Sildenafil capsules custom formulated at 1 to 3mg/kg orally every 6 to 12 hours
* Feline Anxiety
* Transdermal fluoxetine(applied to the ear)
* Hyperthyroidism in cats
* Methimazole suspension 5mg/ml with a tuna, or chicken flavor or troches, etc….
* Nervous habits or obsessive compulsive disorder Amitriptyline  (various dosage forms)
* Intestinal disorders
* Metronidazole suspension or troches

Contact us for all your special pet medicine needs.

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