Smoking Cessation



Are you ready to Quit?

Southern Maryland Compounding Center can compound many medications into lollipops.

Nicotine lollipops to help smokers kick the habit.  These pops are sugar free and you only use them when you have the urge to smoke.  Place pop in your mouth until craving subsides and place it back in it’s sleeve until needed again. It satisfies both the nicotine urge and the hand to mouth behavior pattern.

“Kick the Habit” with Nicotine Lollipops.  

Nicotine lollipops may suppress symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, deal with the hand-to-mouth fixation, and allow you to control the amount of nicotine you receive based on your body’s needs. In contrast, doses of nicotine gum may be too large for some patients, and continuous nicotine delivery provided by patches may be undesirable.

When a nicotine urge strikes, place the lollipop in your mouth until the urge passes, then replace the lollipop in its special child-proof container until it is needed again. Over a period of several weeks, you can wean yourself from nicotine without experiencing unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

Our nicotine lollipop contain the same FDA approved nicotine polacrilex found in commercially manufactured products and are available only by prescription.

Use of a nicotine replacement doubles the success rate of “kicking the habit”. People who are highly motivated and use nicotine replacement preparations in conjunction with supportive counseling further increase their likelihood of success. Nicotine is not a cancer-causing chemical like cigarette tars and does not contain carbon monoxide like smoke.

Medicated lollipops are:
- Sugar-free
- Available in a variety of flavors

green apple 
strawberry cheesecake 

Stop Smoking Lollipop-Nicotine Lollipops

Nicotine Polacrilex in Sorbital Base with Stevia Extract as sweetener and flavoring.   Each lollipop contains nicotine within the hard candy of the lollipop.

Sig: Place lollipop in mouth when you have the urge to smoke. When craving subsides, place lollipop back in child resistant container for reuse when you experience yournext craving. One lollipop lasts 3-4 cigarette breaks. This unique dosage form not only allows the patient to get nicotine when they want it, but it also mimics the hand to mouth habit many smokers develop.

These lollipops are available by prescription only

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