When it comes to medicating your child, sometimes one size, dosage form, or flavor does not fit all. That’s when it’s time for you and your physician to call Southern Maryland Compounding center (SMCC). When the need arises, SMCC can custom make your child’s medication to meet his or her individual needs. Each child is unique. Variations in size, weight, allergies and drug tolerance can pose a problem when dealing only with commercially available medications. A compounding pharmacist can aid in formulating a medication that will meet the needs of your child.

Many children have difficulty swallowing capsules or tablets. Pediatricians and compounding pharmacists can work together to find alternative dosage forms for your child. These include lollipops, syrups, freezer pops, lozenges, gummis, even pacifiers and baby bottles for infants. We can flavor liquid medications to make them easier for children to take. This is particularly important with medications that need to be taken for an extended period of time. With a choice of almost 150 FLAVORS, we can make just about any medication taste better!

Let us help……..

Diaper Rash Treatments
Dye-free medications
Head lice treatment
Premature apnea therapy
Psoriasis/eczema medications
Sugar-free medications
Topical anesthetics
Sore throat lollipops/popsicles
Thrush lollipops/popsicles

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