Dermatology Compounding Solutions


Dermatology Compounding Solutions……

Whether you are a patient, dermatologist or other skin care specialist, SMCCrx can offer individualized therapies for all your skin care needs. Our experienced compounding pharmacists can formulate topical creams, ointments, lotions, solutions and other dosage forms that are suitable for differing skin conditions.

If you have a special need, let us help.

  • If a manufactured product is no longer available or on backorder
  • A dosage is required that is not commercially available
  • A patient needs a combination of ingredients to treat their skin condition
  • Fragrance free, dye free or preservative free preparations for sensitive skin

Topical anesthetics and hydroquinone creams are two of our most popular compounds, and with over fifteen years of experience compounding them, we can assure you that they are compounded to the highest standards. In order to offer alternatives and advantages in compounded medicines for dermatology, we are continuously updating upon our methods.

Using pure ingredients of the highest quality and following strict standards we are able to provide an excellent product that meets each individual’s unique needs. For more information or assistance, please contact one of our compounding pharmacists at (301) 645-2400.

Dermatologists can write for prescription compounds to treat many skin disorders. These compounds can be in the form of topical solutions and creams to treat:

Anti-Wrinkle Creams
Anti-oxidant Aging Creams/Gels
Fever Blister preparations
Wart Removers
Bleaching Creams
Plant irritations
Keloid treatments/scarring
Radiation Burn creams

We utilize specialized equipment, such as an Ointment Mill, that allows us to compound formulations containing much higher concentrations of active ingredients that can be prepared using traditional methods.

 We also can compound formulations with PracaSil-Plus, a unique topical anhydrous silicone base, that can be used to heal burns and scarring.