Custom-Made Compounded Dental Medications

Southern Maryland Compounding Center works with dentists and dental patients to formulate unique dental medications to meet patient needs.

Upon a prescription order, we can compound:

Lip balms for viral lesions

Acyclovir 5%/Lidocaine1%/Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 5% Medication Stick

Acyclovir 5% Stick with sunscreen

Transdermal preparations for pain syndromes such as neuralgias and temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ). These dental compounds might contain anti-inflammatory agents, either alone or in combination with a pain drug such as ketamine.

Examples of anti-inflammatory agents that may be used: ketoprofen, ibuprofen, piroxicam, baclofen

Agents used to treat neuralgias: gabapentin and carbamazepine

Muscle relaxants: cyclobenzaprine and guaifenesin.

Burning Mouth Syndrome: Capsaicin troches, BMS Rinse, NSAIDS, Tricyclics

Topical anesthetics

Lidocaine Rinses

Tetracaine Lollipops

Non-staining antibacterial rinses

Oral sedation in lollipops and freezer pops

Lollipops for oral thrush

Mouth rinse to stop oral bleeding during dental procedures for patients who take anticoagulants :

Tranexamic Acid 4% Oral Rinse

Dry Socket preparations

Benzocaine Compound Paste

Benzocaine Dressing

Dry Socket Gauze

Polyox bandage-to cover ulcerated, infected, or tender mucosa

lozenges that help to prevent gagging


Mouth rinse for oral ulcerations (canker sores) containing a combination of various medications like antibiotics, antihistamines, antifungals, anesthetics, antivirals, corticosteroids, misoprostol, phenytoin, etc.

Stanford Mouthwash

Miracle Mouthwash

Phenol Mouth Rinse

Triamcinolone Mouth rinse

Dexamethasone Rinse

Deoxy-D-Glucose Mouth Rinse

Dry Mouth

Electrolyte Troche

Pilocarpine Sucker

Artificial saliva

…….. and many more unique preparations and novel delivery systems!

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