Breast Feeding

Breast Feeding Discomfort

Newman’s Nipple ointment  

Soothing relief for mom!  Don’t stop breast feeding because of the discomfort…help is on the way!

Breastfeeding is one of the most natural and beneficial acts a mother can do for her child.  Dramatic health benefits have been proven to pass from mother to child through breastmilk   From antibodies which protect an infant at birth…to the exclusive nutrients in mother’s milk which have been shown to prevent a number of childhood diseases…the benefits are incalculable.  There is no other single action by which a mother can so impact the present and future health of her baby.

 Breastmilk remains the one and only natural, complete and complex nutrition for human infants.  It is nature’s formula for ensuring the health and quality of life for infants, as well as on through childhood to adult life.  Just as importantly, breastfeeding promotes a very special bond between mother and child that only a mother can provide.

 (Contains: Nystatin, Clotrimazole , Mupirocin, Betamethasone Valerate) 

Nystatin: (nye-STA-tin). Topical nystatin is used to treat fungus infections of the skin. 

  Clotrimazole: (kloe-TRIM-a-zole) is used topically to treat fungal infections such as Candida albicans. 

  Mupirocin: (myoo-PEER-oh-sin) is used to treat bacterial infections caused by Staphylococcus and Streptococcus. Cracked nipples may be infected with bacteria. Mupirocin kills the bacteria or helps prevent their growth. 

  Betamethasone valerate: Is a topical corticosteroid used to help relieve redness, swelling, itching, and discomfort associated with nipple soreness. 

  Instructions for use: For cracked and painful nipples, apply a thin film to the nipple and areola after each feeding. Massage gently into skin. Do not over apply. It is not a problem if the baby goes back to feeding right away. Once your nipples have healed, use the ointment periodically to prevent the problem from reoccurring. 

  Safe to Use while Breast-Feeding. This ointment formulation has been used by many women across the US and Canada and has been found to be safe and effective and not harmful to babies. When taken orally, many medicines pass into breast milk in small amounts. However, because these medications are applied topically, the concentrations of drug that the baby is exposed to will be very low and is not harmful. 

  Precautions: Do not get medication in the eyes. Always keep medicine out of reach of children.

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